I’ve decided to create a script for my Mac to check internet connection and create notifications. After some research, surprisingly it’s very easy and I only need a few lines of shell script.

To trigger notification on Apple Mac only needs one line of Applescript. AppleScript can be run from the shell using /usr/bin/osascript.

I use the ping command to check internet connection. If the exit status is equal to zero, it means my Mac is connected to the internet.

Below is the completed script, you can get it on Github.


while true
  # -c <number>: Stop after sending <number> packages
  # -q: quiet output
  ping -c 3 -q google.com > /dev/null

  if [ $exit_status -eq 0 ]; then
    echo "connected to the internet"
    osascript -e 'display notification "check_mac_internet.sh" with title "Connection Status" subtitle "Connected to the Internet! Yay!" sound name "Hero"'

  sleep 10