Monday, December 28, 2009

Rails Magazine Edisi Kelima Dirilis

Pada 27 Desember 2009, Rails Magazine edisi kelima resmi dirilis dan seperti biasa, Rails Magazine menghadirkan sebuah majalah berbentuk pdf yang isi kontennya menarik. Berikut ini adalah Beberapa konten dalam Rails Magazine edisi kelima:
  • Curtis Jennings Schofield - Authentication with Gigya
  • Erik Andrejko - Background Processing in Rails
  • Bob Martens - On Your Rails (and Ruby) Education
  • Carlo Pecchia - Sinatra: Fast Web Application in Ruby
  • Starr Horne - Sprockets
  • Casper Fabricius - Adding Pre-made Extensions to Radiant CMS
  • Gavin Morrice - Protecting Your Application From Impostors
  • Satish Kota - Geography division select tag
  • Mike Gunderloy - RailsBridge: Rebooting the Rails Community
  • Michael Bleigh - Prince: Powerful PDF Generation
  • Claudio Fiorini - Ruby C Extension Development
  • Brian Rivard - Using the Twitter API with Ruby
  • Saurabh Bhatia - Continuous Integration Tools in Rails
  • Payal Gupta - Active Scaffold
  • Amit Mathur - Implement a Full Text Search Engine with Xapian
Download PDF:

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